EZY CRETE - Additive for concrete

Helps to optimize cement content in concrete Mix

Improves Flyash & GGBFS reactivity with Cement

Reduces Shrinkage Cracks

Reduces Admixture Dosage

Improves Abrasion resistance of concrete floor

Compensates aggregates flakiness and improves concrete rheology

Increases compressive Strength

Increases Good concrete pumpability

Reduces water permeability

Very Lesser dosage compared to other Mineral admixtures

Eco friendly product – Ezy & Safe to handle


Mineral activated additive with self-curing property for cement plastering

Excellent bond tomasonry, stonework, plaster andblockwork

Crack resistant – 2 times better set than conventional products

Improved adhesion properties allow to build thicker plaster from 20-30 mm based on the mother substrate.

Single component powder can be easily gauged asrequired as supplied in 500 gms Sachet

Improves cohesion andworkability

Improves mortars to provide renders and toppings which are highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling

Enhance pot life of mortar

Self -curing property

Lesser Rebound loss

Avoids shrinkage cracks